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Powering realtors through technology

We are Drisana Consulting LLC, from the Valley of the Sun (Phoenix, Arizona), casting brilliant sunshine on the real estate industry. Founded by realtors for the success and prosperity of fellow realtors across the country, this multi-tool brings together the best of what the MLS and brokerages have to offer.

Our core belief is that technology exists to enable people and NOT replace people. In every transaction there needs to be a human element, a relationship. Hence, we went on to develop our flagship mobile platform called PEARDROP™ to assist realtors in yielding the fruit of their hard work and accelerate their success.

As realtors, we have seen the challenges and excitement that is part of our business. We know the importance of partnerships with reliable essential home service companies such as lenders, title companies, inspectors, contractors, among others. We used PEARDROP™ to overcome these challenges while sharing the excitement with the people we care for and cherish - our clients. We want to make all the mundane aspects of home buying and selling fade away and allow for the human relationship to grow.

Advancing beyond your expectations

Intuitive Task Management

Provides realtors an engaging and user-friendly dashboard to prioritize daily tasks focused to improve efficiency and productivity. This focused step by step task makes the process flow smoothly and on time from start to finish, keeping all parties of the transaction updated every step of the way.

Active Client Engagement

Build and forge client loyalty through consistent communication in order to stay visible and front of mind to a realtor’s sphere of influence. Providing educational and valuable resources increases lead conversion, client retention, and helps generate continued referrals.

Integrated CRM

Provides a simple and effective way to integrate current database lists either directly from your phone contacts, by uploading a file, or adding a new contact on the fly. This simplified and easy to use platform makes tracking and converting leads efficient and effective.

Robust Workflow Management

This simplified workflow provides easy to understand deadlines, automated alerts,reminders, and collaborative communication between client, realtor, and any other essential home services partners.

In-App Messaging

All communications are centralized through one easy to use messaging platform. No more sorting through hundreds of emails, trying to decipher and return inaudible voicemails, keeping track of texts, or answering phone calls from telemarketers.



Ability to be #BeMore as a realtor with the cutting edge technology called PEARDROP™



Improving realtor productivity for effective transaction management, thereby #CloseMore with PEARDROP™



PEARDROP™ leverages technology to strengthen client relationships, increasing client referrals thereby increasing ability to #EarnMore with PEARDROP™

Multi-Tool for real estate

Drisana Consulting and its flagship product PEARDROP™ is a breakthrough digital platform bringing the ecosystem of  the Real Estate industry together, creating a shared economy among its constituents.

Multi tool for Real Estate

Realtors Swiss Army Knife

PEARDROP™ enables the realtor to efficiently utilize partnerships in providing a superior customer experience. Realtors see this as their constant companion to learn, plan, organize, prioritize and execute their business. It is the everyday Go-To App for a realtor

Realtors Swiss Army Knife


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