About Drisana Consulting

A company that advances technology

Making home buying and selling a breeze - One REALTOR® at A Time

Drisana Consulting LLC. is the brain child of likeminded founders with an intent to bring cutting edge technology into the hands of realtors, making buying and selling a home a positive unforgettable experience for their clients.

This all started with extensive market research involving a wide spectrum of real estate brokerages, realtors, and realtor teams that represents both buyers and sellers.

Drisana Consulting LLC. was convinced that there is a large deficiency in the real estate market for an effective and well integrated mobile platform which not only brings clients and realtors together, but ultimately increases client loyalty. Drisana Consulting LLC. has developed a ground breaking one of a kind mobile platform which fills in the gap for the real estate industry.

With 80+ years  of combined technology experience consulting to some of the top fortune 100 companies, the team was inspired to create a platform that would cover all aspects of home buying, home selling, contract management, In-App communication, intuitive home searching, and an easy to use CRM for realtors.

We believe in the potential of enabling digital platforms with the ease of use as a key motto for success. Our Goal is to make every Realtor-Client interaction an enjoyable and engaging experience.

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