Rise with PEARDROP™ every day and watch your success rise along with you !

PEARDROP™ is the only platform designed for Realtors to provide superior experience to their clients while greatly enhancing productivity and success. PEARDROP™ integrates  custom home searching directly from the MLS with the buyer and realtor creating an effective,efficient and successful home buying experience.

Seamlessly Communicate-No Passwords

PEARDROP™ allows both the buyer and realtor to login to the app securely without the hassle of remembering and having to change passwords. A unique and safe OTP is generated at the initial login that allows quick and efficient access without the hassle of managing multiple passwords. and seamlessly.


Single Unique Platform

Capture the requirements of your prospective clients instantly. Build a search from the MLS on the fly and deliver matching homes to your clients in less than 1 minute!. Peardrop understands where your prospective clients are in the home buying process and assists them in a timely manner, therefore, producing shorter closing time for both the buyer, seller, and REALTOR.  It's a Win-Win-Win!

360º Customer Engagement

Never lose a buyer!!!  Peardrop keeps your clients off of the public websites and eliminates the chance of them going with another agent!  Buyers can build up to 10 of their own custom home searches in Peardrop and give them all the tools and resources they will ever need along their home buying journey.  This strengthens the client-agent relationship during and after the home purchase increasing client referral business.


One App Many Features

Provide your client with additional resources connecting them with reputable and reliable home improvement companies within the App. Create, store, and save home searches so you and your clients never have to repeat the same task which improves efficiency for all parties. Send timely notifications, property recommendations, and the ability to initiate phone calls, texts, and emails without ever leaving the App. Let your customers know you as their trusted advisor during and after their home purchase.  This creates an unspoken level of convenience and confidence while improving client loyalty and efficiency.

Track and Forecast Your Business

Manage, consolidate, and track your current and future pipeline all within the app!  Our business tracking feature is an integrated tool that's easy for the Realtor to keep track of their current and future buyers, which enables realtors to operate and monitor their business in a professional and effective manner.


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